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Easy Trackers.co.uk
We Only Hire Professionals

We only employ ex-forces and experienced security professionals. We understand that data is sacred, and have the mindset to protect it.

Easy Trackers.co.uk
Assist the police and get your car back

Assist the Police with live tracking from the palm of your hand. Getting your car back quickly is a priority before it can be 'processed'. You might even discover a large operation and shut them down for good.

Easy Trackers.co.uk
Run a Fleet?

It's not all about theft. Maybe you run a fleet of van's/taxi's and trucks? Maybe you want to be able to see your vehicle movements from the office. Where they've been, how fast they are going and more.

How we can help you Our Tracking Services

If it moves, we can help you track it and you can know where it is, and where it has been at all times. Either on your desktop computer or our Android/Apple app.

Protect Your Car

We have a range of discreet trackers that can either be quickly plugged in, or wired into any vehicle on the road. Get live tracking from your phone or computer and even set up overspeed alerts, geofencing alerts and more.

Accounting for Movements?

Someone says you were speeding? Or somewhere which you know you weren’t? Think your kids are taking the car without permission? You now have this information at hand.

Available for Trailers and Caravans

Have a caravan/boat/lorry trailer that you want to protect? We have solar panel equipped trackers that are fully enclosed and don’t need a power source. Just bolt it to the roof and you’re asset is protected.

Manage Your Work Fleet

Keep track of where your vehicles have been and set speeding alerts. When they enter or exit an area etc. Be alerted when the vehicle nears a service interval and more. Have total control of your fleet, whether it be trucks/cars/motorcycles or vans.

We Prepare Documents For the police

If your asset has been stolen, the Police can contact us and we prepare a full and complete account of the vehicles movements for use in court. They can contact us via this website and we take it from there. We have safeguards in place to ensure ONLY the Police get this information.

Excellent UK Support

We have lightning fast contact procedures. Simply email us, get in touch on Facebook Messenger or use this websites form function. We respond very quickly. We’re polite and not pushy, we’re here for you and will help you in any way we can.


Some popular questions and answers are below, but if you can't find what you are looking for, fill out the form on the right and hit 'Send Question'. We'll get back to you very quickly.

Do you sell to personal customers or just commercial businesses?

We sell to private individuals and businesses alike. Private individuals usually just want to protect thier family car, whereas businesses protect a range of assets. Assets such as trailers, plant machinery, fleet vehicle, shipping containers and more.

Can you fit trackers for me?

We do not fit trackers as of yet, although this is planned in the future. Most of the trackers we supply are simple to fit yourself, usually just by plugging them in. The wire in trackers need a little more effort, but most customers do this themselves with no issues.

How long after ordering will I get my tracker(s)?

The trackers we sell are all in the UK and are UK stock. We aim to program and then dispatch them on hte same day of order. We use Hermes to deliver them which takes roughly two days.

How much are your trackers and service?

The trackers range in price, depending on functionality and speciality. They can all be found in our store. As for the service, we charge a flat fee of £6 per month per tracker. This is regardless of the type of tracker or it’s capability.

    Quality GPS Trackers Tracker Gallery

    Here's a quick look at the kind of trackers we supply. If you'd like to know more, just click on the tracker to go to the product page.
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    Thank you to all of our past and preset customers who have put their faith in our trackers. We are humbled to have served you.

    We're Hard at work Our Latest Guides

    Look here for the latest guides on how to use your tracker. From setting geofences to installation, we've got you covered. Something you want but it's not here? Let us know and we'll walk you through it and then make a new guide!
    Managing Your Account/Subscriptions
    By admin-June 26, 2020 -No Comments
    Introducing the CT10
    By admin-June 15, 2020 -No Comments

    Introducing the CT10 Container tracker for shipping containers or container based lorry trailers.

    Fitting the Dashcam Tracker
    By admin-June 15, 2020 -No Comments

    Fitting our dash cam tracker to your vehicle.Very easy if the fuse box is located inside the car.