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About Easy Trackers

Easy Trackers is a UK based tracking endeavour that provides affordable and effective tracking solutions to private individuals and companies, in order to protect their revenue, vehicles, assets and security.

We are security focused, and have strict data protection guidelines. We also work with the Police to provide information after an event has taken place. If an alleged offender is going to court for stealing one of your assets, we create the detailed paperwork for the CPS and Police.

We are customer focused, and pride ourselves on being easy to work with, flexible and efficient. We’re thrilled you’ve taken an interest in us, and can’t wait to work with you.

Easy Trackers.co.uk

Our Mission

To provide tracking to commercial and private customers alike. Protecting their high value assets and vehicle which they have worked hard for.

Easy Trackers.co.uk

Our Vision

To set a trend that makes criminals think twice about stealing someone elses pride and joy, or hoping to make a quick buck from its sale. It's not theirs, it's yours.

Easy Trackers.co.uk


We have a focus on data protection and customer satisfaction. We do not disclose any of your details or movements to anyone without your explicit permission or if legally ordered to do so by a court.

Our History

A security focused, but easy going tracking service that is both efficient and cost effective. We feel we offer more than our competitors, and go the extra mile to actually protect your assets.

Easy Trackers.co.uk was set up by an ex-forces transport driver who specialised in operational logistics in 2016. After seeing that in the UK, a vehicle is stolen every nine minutes, this service was always going to be geared to private customers looking to protect cars and assets that they've worked very hard for. We also provide specialist tracking solutions for trailers, caravans, shipping containers and more, which many providers overlook.

For example, we have trackers that have built in solar panels and can be fitted to the roof of caravans and trailers. There's no wiring or maintenance and this allows easy protection for assets that otherwise wouldn't have a power source.

This is what Easy Trackers is about. giving the means for law abiding civilians and companies a way to protect their assets, because it's theirs.

2020 -
New Website Launched

Shiny new website with independant subscription system and a new range of trackers launched for a variety of situations.

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2018 - 2020
Growth & Product Testing

During these years we tested products, came up with exceptional systems in which to create a seamless customer experience and automate many processes to ensure uninterrupted service. During this time, we extensively tested our CT10 container tracker system and solar panel tracker.

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2017 - 2018
A focus on privacy and security

During this year we focused on refining our systems and implementing very strict privacy protocols. We also worked with the Police to create a simple, yet efficient way for them to access information whilst keeping security a top priority.

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2016 - 2017
Start of research and company start up

This is where it all happened. We decided to enter the market and researched the industry, along with where other companies are falling far short. We then worked with suppliers and product manufacturers to make our first tracker, the OBD tracker (OB22).

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3 Assets Recovered
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