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Affiliate Terms of Service


Affiliates are required to input their PayPal payment address on their dashboard. This is so that payments can be made. Payments are made on a monthly basis,  but can be more frequent if you request it.


You can see how much you’ll be paid by visiting your dashboard. You can see your commission, and how many people have clicked your link. This gives you an idea of how much you’ll be getting paid, and how effective your placements are.


The ranks go up very quickly in line with sales. Easy Trackers reserve the right to demote and promote at will. This may be to correct errors, or for specific deals. Once you have achieved a rank, it doesn’t reset, your progression stays with you.


Refunds will not affect your commission, unless it is found or reasonably suspected that these refunds are a way to cheat the system and earn repeated commission.


We reserve the right to suspend or delete any account which violates these terms of service, without notice and all affiliate funds may be forfeit.


Ads and affiliate links must be placed on family friendly websites. Any affiliates posting links on adult sites, gore sites, scam sites, or any other questionable material will be grounds for immediate suspension.


Using loop holes to get commissions is unacceptable and if deemed to be happening by easy, is grounds for immediate suspension.