Police/Government Information Request

This form is for requesting information regarding a vehicles movements between two specific points in time.

It can be used to assist any legal process, for example in the prosecution of an alleged theft, or in proving a vehicles whereabouts.

As we take the security of the information of our customers very seriously, we will only provide information within the following criteria:


  • We will contact our customer to enquire if they approve of this informations release.
  • We will investigate and check the identity of any requesting officer, by contacting their senior officer to ensure that they work in the capacity in which they work and that they are involved with the case.
  • We will create a log of all correspondence that we receive concerning the disclosure, and it will be provided to both the requesting body and our customer.
  • We will provide such disclosure to both the requesting body AND our customer so that they know what has been disclosed.
  • We will only send disclosure by private courier service, to the building in which the requester works. It MUST be signed for. We will not send disclosure to any other address.
  • We will not send disclosure by electronic means, such as a PDF via email.

Once we have your request, we will start the procedure. We’re typically quite quick, and can have it in the hands of the courier within 48 hours. IF you need this quicker, please let us know.

This form is for official purposes only and disclosure requests do not result in a fee to any party. We absorb the cost of this as we aim to help our subscription customers, as this is why we were set up.

With that in mind, please do not make false requests, as this can be very time consuming, and our robust processes will not release information to parties that have no right to it.

Stuck or unsure? Don’t worry, just email:


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