Full HD Dashcam with Tracking & Driver Camera


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Please provide information on the vehicle or asset that this tracker will be fitted to. The more information you can provide, the better. We will encode your new tracker with this information. If this is a vehicle, All information can be found on your vehicles V5 logbook.

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This is a high quality and secure dash camera. It contains a SD card that is lockable and it records both the vehicles driver and the road ahead in full HD. It comes with a smaller camera that an be mounted inside the vehicle.

Although expensive, this allows the company/vehicle owner to download video straight to his/her device or computer without taking the SD card out. The owner can also ‘check in’ on the driver and view them from their own mobile device via the app, or on their computer.

It also allows the owner to listen in with inbuilt audio streaming.

Not only, will this track the vehicle for fleet management purposes or in case of theft, but it will also provide evidence in the event of an accident.



  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Can be wired up to cut the fuel supply to the engine when it drops below 20kmph
  • Thieves may not know it has any form of tracking capability
  • SD Card can be locked with a key to prevent unauthorised tampering
  • Records the road ahead with a Full HD camera and also records the driver with an additional camera (or behind the vehicle if you wish)
  • Can be listened in to (instructions included)
  • No need to remove the SD card, you can download video footage straight to your phone/computer
  • You can be sent alerts for sudden braking, swerving etc and simply watch the video back
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis
  • Event automatic upload. It decides it something has happened and automatically uploads the video to the tracking platform to keep it safe
  • Panic button that the driver can press to guarantee the saving of video and alerting of the event to the vehicle manager


  • Can be easily removed, if the thief sees it and thinks it may have tracking capability. They would have to smash it off the wind screen
  • Expensive, but provides a complete accident evidence collecting system, as well as safeguarding your asset against theft


This tracker also benefits from the following features:

  • Very fast GPS lock on (GPS, AGPS and LBS)
  • Engine fuel cut off – After sending the command via the app or desktop, the vehicle will cut out when it drops below 20mph
  • Multiple alarms can be set, such as removal, vibration, speeding, outside or inside of set areas
  • Engine Activation Alarm
  • Small and discreet – Can be hidden very well and in many places
  • Uses LBS, so will be able to withstand GPS signal jammers


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