Shipping/ISO Container Tracker


Our exceptional shipping container tracker plus a monthly subscription of £6 per month. You will only be billed for the tracker once, but will be billed every month for the subscription. You can cancel at any time from your account section.

1 × Shipping/ISO Container Tracker

1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 × Monthly Tracker Subscription
£8.00 £4.00 / month

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Please provide information on the vehicle or asset that this tracker will be fitted to. The more information you can provide, the better. We will encode your new tracker with this information.


This is a heavy duty and long lasting tracking unit specially designed for shipping containers and demountable ISO’s that you fine on skeletals and used for general haulage.

It is ideal if you have a shipping company, a company that uses shipping containers for storage/rental or for trucks that use 40ft shipping containers as storage.

They are easy to use and require no wiring at all. They house powerful magnets and as pecifically shaped to sit almost completely flush against the sides on the container.


  • Worldwide Roaming – No matter where your container goes
  • Environmental statistics – Get on demand internal humidity, temperature and air pressure data
  • Very strong magnetic mount for security and durability – Can be removed easily enough though
  • Installation and removal alerts
  • Apply either land, sea or static mode remotely, depending on your requirement
  • Container doors open and close alerts
  • 60 days working time (in static mode)
  • IP66 dust and water protection
  • GPS and LBS positioning, in case it goes into an area of poor GPS signal
  • Firmware updates ‘over the air’. When a new firmware is released, we’ll update it for you automatically at no cost.


  • Needs to either be removed in order to be recharged (easy to remove)
  • Or can be charged in situ with a mobile power pack

Please note that this product is currently in testing. In fact at the time of writing this, it’s almost arrived in the US. They are pre-order only due to the significant setup required. Please order from this site and we’ll get your trackers all ready and contact you when they are available.

We may be able to visit you and run you through how these trackers work and provide training if required.