Wire In Tracker (With Engine Cut Off)


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Please provide information on the vehicle or asset that this tracker will be fitted to. The more information you can provide, the better. We will encode your new tracker with this information. If this is a vehicle, All information can be found on your vehicles V5 logbook.

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This tracker is useful for any vehicle where you don’t have an OBD port (or even if you do!) such as plant machinery, pre-2004 vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, HGV/Car trailers etc.

It can be wired up to any power source and can be hidden anywhere you like. Ideal if you don’t want it to be easily removable or spotted. Thieves will have no idea that one is fitted until the Police show up.



  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Can be hidden anywhere
  • Hard to spot (depending on where you put it)
  • Hard to remove (depending on where you put it)
  • Small and durable
  • Easy to wire up, just a positive and negative for tracking functionality.
  • Still very cost effective (still £6 per month)


  • Requires wiring in by either yourself or an auto-electrician. It’s very easy.

There is a video that shows how easy this device is to wire up. Essentially, you decide where you want to put it, and use the provided splicers to connect to the positive and negative wires of a nearby circuit.  Behind the stereo is an excellent place, as is under the battery, in a rear light cluster, behind the side covering of the boot etc. No cutting required! 


This tracker benefits from the following features:

  • Very fast GPS lock on (GPS, AGPS and LBS)
  • Engine fuel cut off – After sending the command via the app or desktop, the vehicle will cut out when it drops below 20mph
  • Multiple alarms can be set, such as removal, vibration, speeding, outside or inside of set areas
  • Engine Activation Alarm
  • Small and discreet – Can be hidden very well and in many places
  • Uses LBS, so will be able to withstand GPS signal jammers


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